The Road Ahead

Partnering with businesses in the moving industry, MSC will: collect, transport, store and ship donations year round, blazing a sustainable path, and utilizing assets that are readily available to us; changing the paradigm.  

The collection process will take place during a contracted move, thus reducing cost of travel, time and manpower. For example: When a family moves, they can notify their friends, family, and neighbours to drop off clean clothing donations at their house. When an MSC partner arrives for the scheduled move, they can also collect the clean clothing donations – essentially “killing two birds with one stone”.  By targeting families already moving and de-cluttering, MSC can reach out to entire communities to collect donations while reducing the amount of work required during the collection process.

Partners will be supplied with transparent biodegradable bags, which they can provide the customer to package their clean clothing donations in. These bags will help make the pick-up quick, easy and safe – as you’ll be able to see into the bags, to spot dangerous or inappropriate items, without having to sort through the donations on the spot.

For those who are not moving, but would still like to donate clean clothing, please contact MSC via the “Contact Us” section on the website. You’ll be able to reach out via email, and provide details such as: quantity of donation, and pick up location. Through this channel we can communicate with the donor and ask them to notify their community members to drop off donations to one central location.  An MSC partner who has a scheduled move close to that community will be notified, and they will pick up the donations from the designated location.

We will run campaigns to fund raise.  These events provide an opportunity to collect clothing and monetary donations from one pick up point thus maintaining our sustainable ideals.

MSC partners will provide all storage and shipping. By consistently collecting donations year round, we can build up a stock. The MSC team will sort, organize and package the donations, which can then be redistributed via organizations such as: First United Church.  

Upon building a strong network and system in Vancouver, MSC plans to expand the collection and donation to other cities and countries eventually having a global impact.

Let’s help the less fortunate together by making the act of giving easier.