Moving. Sharing. Caring.

Who are we?

The Move Share Care network (MSC) was created by two friends, Chai and Khojesta. It’s powered by businesses in the moving industry, to serve the needs of communities through the effective redistribution of warm clothes.

This idea came to life based on the work accomplished through the Faraja Foundation. Since 2012, clothing donations have been collected and redistributed via the First United Church. Chai and Khojesta wanted to take it one step further, by expanding the network in order to increase the impact made.

With the fashion industry entering an era of “fast fashion,” there is an abundance of unused clothing. The problem does not lie with the availability of donations, but the redistribution process. The goal is to create an effective system through which donations will be collected, sorted, stocked and redistributed in an efficient and cost effective manner, directly to the communities that need them with the help of our partners in the moving industry.

You begin saving the world by saving one man at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics. ~Charles Bukowski

Our Vision

We come to you,
so you have less to do!

The Move Share Care network delivers hope, comfort, and security by donating clean clothing to local and international communities in need. With an efficient and sustainable collection process the mission is to respond to disaster or emergency scenarios quickly and effectively whilst making donating as simple as possible.

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